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Pacifica Land Trust

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PLT Mission Statement
The Pacifica Land Trust was formed to preserve, protect and enhance the natural, scenic, recreational, cultural, historic and open space environment of Pacifica and the surrounding community for present and future generations. To further this purpose, the Pacifica Land Trust will:

  • Acquire by donation or purchase, land, easements, or other conservation mechanisms, for public benefit
  • Encourage public awareness of the values of conservation and open space
  • Coordinate with the Pacifica Open Space Committee to implement the Open Space Task Force Report
  • Educate citizens to respect and value open space
  • Encourage economically viable community development in accord with the mission of the land trust

The Pacifica Land Trust Board. 2015 photo

The Pacifica Land Trust Board. 2015.

Vitrual Pedro Point Program

  • Fiona McDonnell, Project Manager
  • Jon Plutte, Videographer
  • Mike Vasey, Jerry Davis: Science Advisors and Guest Speakers
  • Eileen Campbell, Contributing Writer
  • Guest Speakers: Lynn Adams, Jerry Crow, Paul Donahue, Jerry Crow, Georgia Vasey
  • Erick Leskinen. Mobile Web Programming and Design Consultant
  • Stephen Johnson, PLT Supervising Board Member, Creator and Director VPP
  • Contributing Photos and Video: Paul Donahue, Stephen Johnson, Jon Plutte, Mike Vasey, Dave Kent
  • Maps and video Trail renders thanks to Google Earth

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Pacifica Land Trust
P.O. Box 988, Pacifica, CA 94044

(650) 359-3275 Email Link

This Program Funded by California State Coastal Conservancy Explore the Coast Program.

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