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Learning Station 2: Forest & Understory

• Eucalyptus were planted on the headlands at the beginning of the 20th Century.  Eucalyptus is an invasive non-native species, however, it captures fog and creates a moist, cool, and shady understory.

• Many native plants flourish in this understory, such as red elderberry, sword fern, coffee berry, wood fern, and others.

• The eucalyptus grove also provides nesting habitat for up to 26 native migratory songbird species (such as the winter wren).

•It is thus a “novel” ecosystem which provides habitat value for many native species. The Pacifica Land Trust is thus not attempting to remove this grove but, rather, prevent eucalyptus trees from spreading into the indigenous coastal prairie and coastal scrub habitat.

• The Arroyo Trail is at the base of a seasonal stream that runs between the South and Middle ridges.  There is no permanent wetland on Pedro Point Headland, however, this seasonal stream does have riparian vegetation along its course.  This arroyo was severely eroded due to slope erosion from motorcycle activity but has since been controlled by a culvert and swale.

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Forested Understory

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