Virtual Pedro Point

The Bluff Trail

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The Bluff Trail follows the edge of the cliff up to the highest and most northern point of the park. To your west, the cliff plunges down to a narrow beach, and you can see the remains of a tunnel where the Ocean Shore Railway once ran. San Pedro Rock juts out of the water below, its layers tilted dramatically. Seabirds roost on the rock and soar along the cliff.

From the summit, you can see the hidden Shelter Cove community below, and on a clear day grand vistas beyond Pacifica to the Farallon Islands to the west and San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais, and Point Reyes to the north.

From the summit, you can see Pacifica’s Shelter Cove neighborhood and (on a clear day) beyond Pacifica to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais, and as far as Point Reyes.

San Pedro Rock is the only known San Mateo County locality for an unusual plant that favors rocky bird roosts: the bird rock goldfields. These form extensive stands on Southeast Farallon Island, about 26 miles west of Pedro Point. You’ll also see the succulent bluff lettuce and maybe the rare Franciscan wallflower. The coastal prairie at the summit features large bunchgrasses such as Pacific reedgrass and California fescue, with beautiful wildflowers such as fairy lantern and checker lily tucked in among the grasses.

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EC 1/2/16