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Volunteer to Help Pedro Point

Volunteer with the Pacifica Land Trust to Help Care for Pedro Point! You can help us make a real difference.

Join the Pedro Point Headlands stewardship team! In addition to having fun we widen and maintain trails, remove invasive species, collect and propagate seeds, and tackle any challenges that nature throws our way!

Years of volunteer fun have led to new friendships and many discoveries. We found rare plants, hidden slides, San Francisco Dusky Footed Wood Rat nests, downed trees blown by the wind, and recorded the remains of mountain lion predation.

We can look back and see maintained trails, pristine coastal scrub land, planted slide areas and restored erosion slopes. We have conducted bird and native plant hikes, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree gathering and Escape to the Headland events. All of these efforts have led to a greater public involvement and a direct hand in creating a much restored Coastside Jewel!

Email Lynn Adams (, Pedro Point Headlands Volunteer Coordinator, for further information or call at 415-309-5856.

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Photo by Dave Rauenbuehler.

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Photo by Stephen Johnson.